Happy Easter

Hello guys, hope you all are good. I have been on hiatus for way too long, had a lot to do, almost like being pulled in a million places (figuratively of course).

I must confess I have missed writing on this blog and also my readers. Today is Easter and how can I not write?.

Easter is celebrated world wide by Christians as the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
The Bible tells us that he died on the cross to wash away our sins. To make us worthy in the sight of God, to obtain his mercy and grace. When the mercy and grace of God is upon our lives we would lack nothing and heaven would be opened for us receive what ever we want. But when we are deep rooted in sin the gate of heaven is closed against us.

So today is a great day in the life of every Christian. It signifies liberation,  let us therefore seize this opportunity and live according to the dictates of God.

As Christ has conquered and risen from the dead so has every hardships and sorrows in our lives been conquered if you have faith in God.

Happy Easter Pals

What freedom really is


” I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery”

There’s this feeling I have been battling for sometime. It is so overpowering that I really have to meditate or reflect to keep it in check.

It usually feels like I have this invisible chain and I need to break free. It rears it’s ugly head whenever someone upsets me or I start having some thoughts on some things I want to happen but haven’t happened yet which has a tendency of making me sad. I start feeling like I need to break through something in order to exhale. I am standing with bated breath waiting to exhale.

Last night something struck me and it is that to feel liberated is a thing of the mind. The mind can be too controlling and loves playing games.
Everything we do everyday is to have a better tomorrow where we are free from all sorts of problems. In the midst of investing and developing ourselves we forget to live life to the fullest.

This life is very short, we are told in the Bible that we have 70 years to live and if the body is strong then we have 80 years. Compared to eternity it’s really a short stay. This means that we shouldn’t spend that time worrying, waiting for freedom.

I think freedom is there for us everyday we wake up in the morning, we don’t have to pay for the air we breathe, it’s free. So therefore we don’t have to wait till when we have gained financial or physical freedom in order to feel free.

I told myself I don’t have to achieve all these things I have set for my self before I exhale. Everyday I wake up from sleep, look outside and see the beauty of God’s creation, it is a cue from the Almighty that I can’t be shackled by problems. I am free and in due season everything will fall into place.

So lovelies, seize this morning which God has given us freely and reclaim your freedom from all things negative.
Xoxo MQ

A year of Divine Upliftment


As we begin 2016 today, it shall be;
A year of everything divine
A year of abundant grace
A year of laughter and testimonies
A year of amazing state of health
A year of steadily hearing from God
A year of prosperity
A year of reaping the fruits of our labour
A year of breakthrough
A year of good relationship with kith and kins
A year which marks the beginning of the best years of our lives
A year which our enemies are conquered
A year in which the spirit of death will not visit our household
A year in which Isaiah 60 is our portion
All these I pray in Jesus name
Happy New year Pals

As we say goodbye to 2015

Hello guys. How are you enjoying the harmattan season. It’s actually my best season just that it’s dealing with me at the moment, my nose is seriously blocked.

The year 2015 is rounding up and 2016 is around the corner, so it has got me reflecting on my life this year. At the tail end of 2014 I couldn’t wait to usher in 2015, that year was so stressful for me and I thought “hey, 2015 is going to be year I finally reap the fruit of my labour”.

As we entered 2015 and hours rolled into days and days into months I discovered God had another agenda for me. You simply cannot force God to do something, he does things at his appointed time and God’s time is the best. He first of all prepares you and makes sure you are ready before he does things for you. Waiting is not easy at all, it is painful, patience is a difficult virtue. But God expects us to faithfully wait, worship and serve him while we wait. I am going to describe this year as a year of Grace and Thanksgiving.

I lost my grandfather this year, I wish he is still alive to discuss the harmattan season with me and also celebrate Christmas with us but I am grateful and thankful to God for granting him 87 good years on this earth, for being a part of my life since I was born, after all some people never met their grand father and also being able to stay home this year and spend his last year on earth with him. I thank God for everything he did for my family this year and his grace on my family.

2015 taught me to be patient and humble,  it has been a year of self discovery and I have been able to utilize my hobby of writing. I want to thank you all for reading the little I have been able to put down, by the grace of God am going to write more next year and garner more readers and followers. I pray that next year will finally be the year I start reaping the fruit of my labour, God will grant me my heart desires, he will bless and sustain my family members and friends , am not going to lose any body or cry again, it will be a year of laughter. I also pray that my readers heart desires will be granted them. In Jesus name!!!!! Amen.

I want you to share your experiences this year and your hopes and prayers for 2016 in the comment box. Thanksimg_20151128_072627.jpg

Reality of Youth in Nigeria


“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Life is becoming increasingly difficult for youths in this country. For them to be able to distinguish themselves, they have to be athletes, entertainers and wedding vendors. These are the platforms in which they are currently being heard. A reason  most of our  young graduates are lost is because academic excellence isn’t recognized anymore.

From childhood they are made to work so hard to make good grades, they have such high hopes for the future. Eventually they head to the Universities, a lot of students work hard, study till day break, go to night class and in the end graduate with good grades. Everyone is so happy, family and friends celebrate the graduation. They still maintain the high hopes that the future is indeed bright.

After the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), the real challenge begins.They start applying for jobs(mind you a fresh ex-corper still believes that he/she can pull down heaven, the world is at their feet and people are ready to be their bootlickers because guess what!!! they are graduates).

I sat down one day and really thought about it, in a year there are three batches of corp members. in a batch the amount of people being churned out by our Universities are just too much. When I served we were more than 3000 people in the camp, multiply that with the number of states we have and don’t forget there are three batches in a year. I asked myself which positions are these youths going to occupy when they pass out from NYSC. Majority  of them join the teeming unemployed youths in the country.

When these people recently pass out, they think that there are jobs waiting for them somewhere, by the time they start applying, writing series of aptitude tests and going for interviews at their own expense and nothing happens, the company or firm doesn’t get back to them as promised or if they are lucky enough, they get a very brief email telling them sorry they weren’t accepted because some people did better than them, they become hit with reality. Their confidence begins to plummet, but then at that point they still have some hope, so they make their laptops, smart phones and tabs their best friends and keep applying to every job imaginable, whether it suits their profiles or not. After some time the little self confidence they had left slowly ebbs away, then depression, frustration,fear,stress, discouragement and despair sets in.

Standards are so lowered, they accept and settle for anything that comes their way. Important things like how much they are really worth, room  for improvement and growth are set aside. The thing that will matter the most is the little stipend they are paid to keep body and soul together.

That is one of the reasons you see some people in a particular place for 20 years, some of them just work at a particular plant or a factory doing the same thing for more than 20 years. yes!!! that is the reality. The reason is that they get so little , that they can’t even start a side business or become independent with that amount of money. When they settle down and start expanding their families,it becomes really difficult for them to leave their comfort zone by looking for another opportunity, so they remain at that place because they don’t want to take any risk. They are plagued with questions of fear of the unknown. the real question is,are they really taking good care of themselves or their families by remaining in that one place?

This is what our country has become, a place that do not encourage or empower the youths. A place where a youth who is perceived to become great one day is pulled back.

I know of a company that recruited mostly Ordinary National Diploma (OND) holders, the excuse was that they needed people they can pay, i call it looking for cheap labour. They lure these able bodied men and women, because of the money they will earn(which they will later find out in the long run is a mere stipend), pushes their education aside, they don’t go further to obtain their Higher National Diploma (HND) or even Bachelor’s degree. They become tied down in that job, at the end of the day, time is passing by. They wake up one day and realize that age is no longer an advantage  and they need to settle down, so they say to themselves jeez!!, there is no need furthering  my education, I promise to give my children the best education to make up for what I have lost. The truth is that humans only have one life to live, live it the best way you can, your kids will eventually grow up and  make their own decisions (with the foundations you laid of course). But the thing is have you lived a fulfilled life?

The government needs to urgently look into this worrisome unemployment dilemma and find a way to encourage academic excellence. Companies should find a way to scout for students who did excellently and offer them jobs, this would make such students role models for their peers and that will also make them know that hard work can be recognized and it pays off.

Go to social media platforms, a lot of noise is made about actors, actresses, athletes, wedding vendors and musicians . For the record, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but imagine what will happen if such noise is made about those who have achieved academic successes, say the best young mathematician, novelist, a young doctor who broke a record in the medical community, a young outstanding lawyer who won a high profile case, a young engineer who came up with an amazing invention, a young person who is serving and contributing to the welfare of his or her community in one way or the other. There are outstanding young people who are doing well and should be awarded, which can motivate the up and coming. Something that is going to make them believe that going to school isn’t a waste of time,that it is highly rewarding.

The youths need a form of motivation , jobs should be created, companies should give the youths opportunities to prove themselves. The government has an enormous task ahead, we can’t keep importing technical hands to handle most of our high tech jobs or rather giving expatriates jobs that should be handled by local experts. Countries like China, India, Japan and Korea are not joking with their science and technology. They are training their youths massively and giving them the opportunity to discover themselves. In years to come I won’t be surprised if one of them becomes number one in the world. We have to look inwards and that entails bridging the gap by not abandoning the youths because they are the future.