Happy Easter

Hello guys, hope you all are good. I have been on hiatus for way too long, had a lot to do, almost like being pulled in a million places (figuratively of course).

I must confess I have missed writing on this blog and also my readers. Today is Easter and how can I not write?.

Easter is celebrated world wide by Christians as the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
The Bible tells us that he died on the cross to wash away our sins. To make us worthy in the sight of God, to obtain his mercy and grace. When the mercy and grace of God is upon our lives we would lack nothing and heaven would be opened for us receive what ever we want. But when we are deep rooted in sin the gate of heaven is closed against us.

So today is a great day in the life of every Christian. It signifies liberation,  let us therefore seize this opportunity and live according to the dictates of God.

As Christ has conquered and risen from the dead so has every hardships and sorrows in our lives been conquered if you have faith in God.

Happy Easter Pals


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