Short story | Futility


I started exercising a month ago. I love what it does to me, it is exhilarating, it keeps me in control, I think properly and sift through ideas.

Leaving my apartment this morning, I was welcomed outside with a caress on my face by the gentle breeze. I could hear noises in the other apartments. At that hour, the occupants of my building were getting ready for their daily activities, children being dressed for school and their parents getting ready for work. I greeted the security man at the gate and dashed out to the street.

The thought of seeing her made me quicken my pace, it is Friday morning and the thought of seeing her again made me smile.
Since I started making use of the premises of St Thomas Catholic Church for my activity, I haven’t missed a day and from my observation she only ran on Friday mornings.

St Thomas Catholic Church is my family church, My parents wedded there, I and my siblings were baptised and received our first holy communion there too. So that means I know every face that attends mass at St Thomas Catholic Church, but her face I saw for the first time last three Fridays.

“Good morning Fred, ” greeted my neighbour Mr Okafor as I got to the junction, he is on his way home from early morning mass.
“Good morning!, ” I answered and hurriedly passed.

I lost my job at a PR firm two months ago, after staying at home for a month wallowing in self pity and gobbling my mother’s food as an anti dote for the pain I was feeling, I decided to start jogging to counteract the effect of the food on my body. I had gained weight overnight and the worst part is I can’t stop eating especially as my mum has taken it upon herself to make me happy by cooking all manner of dishes. Jogging has helped me keep my weight in check. and also given me the determination to start applying for a new job.

I can’t seem to shake off the nagging thought that the main reason this jogging has become so important to me is because of her. I have always preferred fair skinned girls but there is something about this dark skinned girl, she is so pretty. She runs with so much ease with her long legs taking each stride like a fox, (not that I have seen a fox before) . She always has her hair in a bun, ear piece fixed to her ears. I really need to talk to her today. Heaven knows I can’t just chicken out again today. What the hell is wrong with me, I usually don’t have any problem with approaching girls and they seem to like me. In the looks department I would score myself above average.

The first Friday I saw her, I was resting under the pear tree after my 20th run round the premises when she glided by like an angel. I resolved that minute I was going to talk to her. All of sudden, as if from am invisibly slap on my cheek I was jolted back to my present predicament of joblessness. One of the rare nights my brother Nnamdi spent at home with us last year, we were discussing girls.

“Are you seeing anyone yet?, ” he had asked.

“No, haven’t seen anyone I like, I replied him. ”

“Since you have a good job, you should start thinking of building a relationship with someone. ”

“And why is having a job a deciding factor?, ” I asked him.

“it isn’t so much a deciding factor but it is really good to have something doing before you go into something serious with a woman. ”

That conversation I can never forget.
I left for home that morning feeling downcast and my dreams every single night has been filled with her angelic face smiling at me.

As I approached the church gate, I slowed down and went straight to the catechist to deliver my mum’s message to him.

After that I headed to the field and began jogging , five minutes later I saw her talking to a young man whose family have been members of St Thomas for a long time, but am not particularly close too him. With fresh determination I ran to where they were.

“Good morning, I am Fred, “I said extending my hand.

“Olly,” she said giving me a firm handshake. “This is my fiance Eric,”she continued.

I was shell shocked and slowly looked at her fingers and saw the engagement ring.

“Do you worship here? , I just arrived to this town last month to plan my wedding. I shall be wedding at this church.”

All I could muster was no, turned around and walked straight to the gate without turning back.

P. S: hello guys, hope you are having a great Sunday. I have been slow is posting stuff. Don’t mind me, I have a lot going on right now. I hope you enjoyed the story, please don’t forget to like, share and comment, it goes a long way.
Xoxo MQ


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