What freedom really is


” I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery”

There’s this feeling I have been battling for sometime. It is so overpowering that I really have to meditate or reflect to keep it in check.

It usually feels like I have this invisible chain and I need to break free. It rears it’s ugly head whenever someone upsets me or I start having some thoughts on some things I want to happen but haven’t happened yet which has a tendency of making me sad. I start feeling like I need to break through something in order to exhale. I am standing with bated breath waiting to exhale.

Last night something struck me and it is that to feel liberated is a thing of the mind. The mind can be too controlling and loves playing games.
Everything we do everyday is to have a better tomorrow where we are free from all sorts of problems. In the midst of investing and developing ourselves we forget to live life to the fullest.

This life is very short, we are told in the Bible that we have 70 years to live and if the body is strong then we have 80 years. Compared to eternity it’s really a short stay. This means that we shouldn’t spend that time worrying, waiting for freedom.

I think freedom is there for us everyday we wake up in the morning, we don’t have to pay for the air we breathe, it’s free. So therefore we don’t have to wait till when we have gained financial or physical freedom in order to feel free.

I told myself I don’t have to achieve all these things I have set for my self before I exhale. Everyday I wake up from sleep, look outside and see the beauty of God’s creation, it is a cue from the Almighty that I can’t be shackled by problems. I am free and in due season everything will fall into place.

So lovelies, seize this morning which God has given us freely and reclaim your freedom from all things negative.
Xoxo MQ


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