My brother’s tribute to Papa


So guys,I promised my brother since last week that I would publish his tribute to Papa. He has continuously been reminding me. Today I decided to fulfill my promise(can I really get away without fulfilling my promise, lol) . Read below his tribute.


The day I heard about the death of my grandfather, it sounded like a joke to me. He was unbelievably strong and I never thought he could ever die. Well, one of the lessons I have learnt in life is that death is one of the many things that is constant. In papa’s case, I know within me that he died a fulfilled man. 

I however will miss his stories (Akuko ifo). He was an entertaining man, I shall never forget the days we discussed football. It baffles me that at his age, he still knew football stories. One of his favourites was Kanu Nwankwo’s goal against Brazil in 1996 during Olympics in Atlanta. He may have lost his eye sight at some point in his life but his reasoning was very sound more than that of any person of age. He was always eager to tell stories as well as listen to one.

Many people who were not close to him might dismissively say that he died an old man so we should celebrate; it is understandable because they never lived with him. Of course he should be celebrated for he was an Iroko. Believe it he deserves to be immortalized. Well, at some point in my life I shall immortalize him.

This was a man I have known all through my life and he was family. I shall miss his presence and his personality. I could remember when he used to call me “Nnanna” when I was a kid. Till his death, papa was always concerned about me especially when I was ill. Incidentally, when I was a kid papa used to listen to me talk about how I wanted to make billions and trillions of dollars and pounds. It sounded stupid and childish then but only him understood me. My only regret however is that he did not live long enough to see me succeed in life.

As far as I could remember, I have always done chores for Papa which he appreciated.

He always participated in social functions in the village and made sure he got his share of drinks from those functions. This was not because my family couldn’t afford drinks but because Papa always wanted to participate in everything and I guess it made him happy, and that was what mattered.

During the last general election in the country, Papa made sure he voted. He later gave me his voter’s card to keep for him and I thought he would definitely ask for it in the next election. This will however not happen because God has called him and I know he is happy where ever he is today.

Immortality is for those who deserve it. Papa, I will give you what you deserve. You will be remembered centuries to come.                                                          Rest in peace Papa.

From your Grand son,                                   Prince Christopher Chukwudalu Adimachukwu


Papa is the one on red cap.


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