As we say goodbye to 2015

Hello guys. How are you enjoying the harmattan season. It’s actually my best season just that it’s dealing with me at the moment, my nose is seriously blocked.

The year 2015 is rounding up and 2016 is around the corner, so it has got me reflecting on my life this year. At the tail end of 2014 I couldn’t wait to usher in 2015, that year was so stressful for me and I thought “hey, 2015 is going to be year I finally reap the fruit of my labour”.

As we entered 2015 and hours rolled into days and days into months I discovered God had another agenda for me. You simply cannot force God to do something, he does things at his appointed time and God’s time is the best. He first of all prepares you and makes sure you are ready before he does things for you. Waiting is not easy at all, it is painful, patience is a difficult virtue. But God expects us to faithfully wait, worship and serve him while we wait. I am going to describe this year as a year of Grace and Thanksgiving.

I lost my grandfather this year, I wish he is still alive to discuss the harmattan season with me and also celebrate Christmas with us but I am grateful and thankful to God for granting him 87 good years on this earth, for being a part of my life since I was born, after all some people never met their grand father and also being able to stay home this year and spend his last year on earth with him. I thank God for everything he did for my family this year and his grace on my family.

2015 taught me to be patient and humble,  it has been a year of self discovery and I have been able to utilize my hobby of writing. I want to thank you all for reading the little I have been able to put down, by the grace of God am going to write more next year and garner more readers and followers. I pray that next year will finally be the year I start reaping the fruit of my labour, God will grant me my heart desires, he will bless and sustain my family members and friends , am not going to lose any body or cry again, it will be a year of laughter. I also pray that my readers heart desires will be granted them. In Jesus name!!!!! Amen.

I want you to share your experiences this year and your hopes and prayers for 2016 in the comment box. Thanksimg_20151128_072627.jpg


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