Leaf of life (bryophyllum pinnatum)


Hey guys, hope you are doing great. I learnt  last week about a leaf called “leaf of life” and I thought I should share. I feel like it would be a crime if I don’t talk about this amazing leaf.

A family friend visited us and told us about the wonders of this leaf, and I actually witnessed what it can do. If you are from South East Nigeria, it is called “Odaa Opuo”. Literally meaning it grows any where it falls. It’s English name is “leaf of life” and the botanical name is “bryophyllum pinnatum”.

It has a lot of health benefits, it is used to treat hypertension, asthma, fever, common cold. It cleanses the bladder and intestine. It is also used to kill cancer cells.

My family friend who has high blood pressure swears by it, he carries the leaf around and chews like 3 or 4 leaves daily and hasn’t experienced any crises in a long time. It can also be brewed as tea.

I recommend you to share this because you might save someone’s life.



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