Don’t let the moment pass


Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it, ~ Ferris

Do you know that you can be with someone today, and tomorrow he/she is gone forever? . So why can’t we make the best of that time. There are instances where a sick person or an elderly person requests to see someone close and the person couldn’t come because he/she was busy with one thing or the other.  When the sick or elderly person dies, this  person starts wishing he/she can turn back the hand of clock. 

We can also stop being close to someone or cut off from the person’s life because we let the moment pass without doing or saying what should have been done or said. You can be at logger head with someone and the right thing to do at that moment is to let it go or acknowledge your fault and say I am sorry,  even if you are not at fault but an opportunity presented itself for you to make things right with that person but you let the moment pass.

A moment can extend to days, weeks and even years and then we find out that it is too late to make up. With time the words you should have said looses it’s value.

You haven’t let your family and friends know how much you love them, now is the right time to say I love you and let them know how wonderful they are.

Someone does a huge favor for you and you just couldn’t say thank you. Most people want to hear thank you when they do someone a favor and if you want that person to still do things for you,  then you have to say thank you. Once that person decides to stop doing you a favor, trying to change the person’ s mind might be too late .

I am going to borrow some lines from the character Louis Litt in the tv series Suits. He said “Don’t let the people you love walk by you without letting them know how you feel about them. Because life slips by and it’s over” .

Don’t let the moment pass without letting them know how much they mean to you.



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