Happy Easter

Hello guys, hope you all are good. I have been on hiatus for way too long, had a lot to do, almost like being pulled in a million places (figuratively of course).

I must confess I have missed writing on this blog and also my readers. Today is Easter and how can I not write?.

Easter is celebrated world wide by Christians as the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead.
The Bible tells us that he died on the cross to wash away our sins. To make us worthy in the sight of God, to obtain his mercy and grace. When the mercy and grace of God is upon our lives we would lack nothing and heaven would be opened for us receive what ever we want. But when we are deep rooted in sin the gate of heaven is closed against us.

So today is a great day in the life of every Christian. It signifies liberation,  let us therefore seize this opportunity and live according to the dictates of God.

As Christ has conquered and risen from the dead so has every hardships and sorrows in our lives been conquered if you have faith in God.

Happy Easter Pals

What freedom really is


” I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery”

There’s this feeling I have been battling for sometime. It is so overpowering that I really have to meditate or reflect to keep it in check.

It usually feels like I have this invisible chain and I need to break free. It rears it’s ugly head whenever someone upsets me or I start having some thoughts on some things I want to happen but haven’t happened yet which has a tendency of making me sad. I start feeling like I need to break through something in order to exhale. I am standing with bated breath waiting to exhale.

Last night something struck me and it is that to feel liberated is a thing of the mind. The mind can be too controlling and loves playing games.
Everything we do everyday is to have a better tomorrow where we are free from all sorts of problems. In the midst of investing and developing ourselves we forget to live life to the fullest.

This life is very short, we are told in the Bible that we have 70 years to live and if the body is strong then we have 80 years. Compared to eternity it’s really a short stay. This means that we shouldn’t spend that time worrying, waiting for freedom.

I think freedom is there for us everyday we wake up in the morning, we don’t have to pay for the air we breathe, it’s free. So therefore we don’t have to wait till when we have gained financial or physical freedom in order to feel free.

I told myself I don’t have to achieve all these things I have set for my self before I exhale. Everyday I wake up from sleep, look outside and see the beauty of God’s creation, it is a cue from the Almighty that I can’t be shackled by problems. I am free and in due season everything will fall into place.

So lovelies, seize this morning which God has given us freely and reclaim your freedom from all things negative.
Xoxo MQ

Short Story |The Beauty Queen


It all started when she accompanied her departmental executives to visit a government official. While waiting in the expansive visitors room she was accosted by a man who claimed to be the organiser of the Most beautiful girl in Igbo land pageant. He introduced himself to her as Hon Richard Nweke and told her about the pageant, after discussing at length she took a flyer from him.

On their way, Back to school. Henry the departmental president just couldn’t hide his curiosity
“Vicky, who was that big man you were discussing with?” he asked grinning from ear to ear.

“Oh, Hon Richard, he wants me to pick the form for the Most beautiful girl in Igbo land” she replied giving him the flyer she was holding.

“So,  are you going to pick the form?” asked Ij the departmental treasurer.

“I think so,  I have always dreamt about being a beauty queen” answered Vicky.

“After she visited her boyfriend’s sister who won a beauty pageant , owns a car and lives in a tastefully furnished apartment she started dreaming of being a beauty queen” teased Ikechukwu the departmental Secretary, making everyone to laugh.

Some days later, during the departmental meeting,  Vicky announced to the students present that she had picked the form to contest and would be going to camp next week. Her announcement was met with frenzy, the students were so excited and her level mates couldn’t help being proud of her. It took Henry’s loud banging on the table to calm them. After the meeting everyone one dispersed and the news spread round the school like wildfire. People wanted to know about Vicky, if she was beautiful and smart enough to win the crown. Her instagram page which she had on private was besieged with friendship requests, her Facebook page wasn’t left out, a lot of stalkers were already leaving comments on her pictures, most of them agreeing that she was good enough to win, some questioned if she was intelligent enough to answer questions and If she’s fluent in Igbo language.

Her course mates rallied round distributing flyers and inviting people. Her boyfriend Emeka wasn’t left out, he made a lot of calls telling his friends and begging them to make sure they attended. He added a bit of swag to his walking step, earned a lot of admiration from his friends who wished their girlfriends were contesting. He was having a time of his life, it was almost as if Vicky had already won.

On the D-day, the turn out from the department and friends was impressive. They were dressed in their best event going outfits. Emeka was in his element, a smile fixed on his round bearded face which he decided to stop shaving after his girlfriend announced her interest in the contest. He has seen a lot of beard gang hash tags and concluded that beards would make him look dapper for his girl. Team Vicky was so upbeat that when ever she made an appearance, they would cheer and clap so hard and loud with Emeka cheering the loudest. The high point of the event was during the question and answer session, the judges and organisers made it so clear to the contestants the deciding factor would be in fluency of Igbo language. That meant that every answer must be in Igbo language, no mixing of Igbo with English in what is called Engli-Igbo in local lingo, anyone who does that was going to lose. Vicky answered her questions correctly and spoke Igbo language so fluently, with every question she answers her team rejoices. Nothing to eat or drink was shared in that Hall but they didn’t seem to care, pangs of hunger was replaced with bouts of excitement. At the end Vicky was announced the winner and everybody went crazy with happiness. Emeka did a victory dance and high fived with friends. It was indeed a colourful night.

Following her win, Vicky’s status changed, her popularity rose and she became an instant celebrity. For sometime she maintained her good relationship with her friends and course mates, but gradually things started going downhill. She was already making a lot of high level friends and contacts whom she was hanging out a lot with. Her course mates she usually studied with and hung out with started feeling left out and even cheated.

On one hot afternoon some of them gathered under the gmelina tree in front of their class room block.

“Vicky’s attitude is still very surprising, if a prophet had prophesied to me before now that she would start looking down on even me I would have called the prophet a prophet of doom” lamented Henry holding a stack of photocopied lecture notes.

Ikechukwu chortled as if he had heard an old joke and said “am not surprised my guy what do you suppose will happen now her level has changed, to still follow you about as fly follows feaces. I learnt my lesson after Ejike’s election to become the SUG president, now he treats us his classmates like outcasts in his kingdom.

“Haba, you guys do not really expect her to still be entering the campus shuttle with us or loitering around the class room blocks, she has been busy with meetings and courtesy visits, she needs sponsors for her pet project and there is no way our department can give her the money to fund that project so you people should calm down, she will come around” said Cynthia.

Cynthia has been lobbying for weeks to become Vicky’s PA, so being in her good books she believes would atleast help her case.

“Am just thinking of those days in 200 level when I got to really know Vicky, she was a serious student always early for classes and sat in front, she was the one that actually made me to change, I was a perpetual late Comer to lectures, so early in the morning she would knock at my door to get ready for school, My grades improved so much, but now it’s a different story she hardly attends lectures I just pray she doesn’t have spill over this last semester in school said Ij.

Vicky had a burning desire to become famous as a beauty queen, she already had some contacts who promised to give her roles to act in their movies. Her graduation wouldn’t be a problem she told herself,  all she had to do was save enough money to settle anyone who would stand in her way when the time comes. Marriage and relationship proposals almost felt like walking down a street and  finding all manner of men of different shapes and sizes beckoning to her to accept their rings and their promises of making her their Khaleesi. All she had to do on instagram was to post a picture on a Monday and say how is Tuesday treating you my fans and  her page would be swarmed with comments praising her intelligence and beauty, a lot of them praying to be like her and making her their crush. Life doesn’t get any better than this. Oh no!  money wasn’t a problem any longer, all she had to do was tell a small lie or write a big proposal on her pet project and her bank account would be lined with money . Her boyfriend Emeka had a hard time coming to terms with the current situation, this wasn’t what he bargained for, he thought after the win that things would still be great between them. He would have the honor of being by her side where ever she went. Unfortunately Vicky had become a brand new girl in a brand new life and the world at her feet.

P. S: Hey guys, it’s a new year. I know most of you must have outlined your new year resolutions. Well, one of my new year resolution is to write more. But how can I do that If I am not encouraged, I need your encouragement very much. So guys, that means I need your feedback, when you read please like, comment or share, it goes a long way. Also I need your criticism because that would help me to grow and improve on my skills. If you enjoyed my post please let me know. If you didn’t, also let me know. Thanks and don’t forget I love you.

A year of Divine Upliftment


As we begin 2016 today, it shall be;
A year of everything divine
A year of abundant grace
A year of laughter and testimonies
A year of amazing state of health
A year of steadily hearing from God
A year of prosperity
A year of reaping the fruits of our labour
A year of breakthrough
A year of good relationship with kith and kins
A year which marks the beginning of the best years of our lives
A year which our enemies are conquered
A year in which the spirit of death will not visit our household
A year in which Isaiah 60 is our portion
All these I pray in Jesus name
Happy New year Pals

My brother’s tribute to Papa


So guys,I promised my brother since last week that I would publish his tribute to Papa. He has continuously been reminding me. Today I decided to fulfill my promise(can I really get away without fulfilling my promise, lol) . Read below his tribute.


The day I heard about the death of my grandfather, it sounded like a joke to me. He was unbelievably strong and I never thought he could ever die. Well, one of the lessons I have learnt in life is that death is one of the many things that is constant. In papa’s case, I know within me that he died a fulfilled man. 

I however will miss his stories (Akuko ifo). He was an entertaining man, I shall never forget the days we discussed football. It baffles me that at his age, he still knew football stories. One of his favourites was Kanu Nwankwo’s goal against Brazil in 1996 during Olympics in Atlanta. He may have lost his eye sight at some point in his life but his reasoning was very sound more than that of any person of age. He was always eager to tell stories as well as listen to one.

Many people who were not close to him might dismissively say that he died an old man so we should celebrate; it is understandable because they never lived with him. Of course he should be celebrated for he was an Iroko. Believe it he deserves to be immortalized. Well, at some point in my life I shall immortalize him.

This was a man I have known all through my life and he was family. I shall miss his presence and his personality. I could remember when he used to call me “Nnanna” when I was a kid. Till his death, papa was always concerned about me especially when I was ill. Incidentally, when I was a kid papa used to listen to me talk about how I wanted to make billions and trillions of dollars and pounds. It sounded stupid and childish then but only him understood me. My only regret however is that he did not live long enough to see me succeed in life.

As far as I could remember, I have always done chores for Papa which he appreciated.

He always participated in social functions in the village and made sure he got his share of drinks from those functions. This was not because my family couldn’t afford drinks but because Papa always wanted to participate in everything and I guess it made him happy, and that was what mattered.

During the last general election in the country, Papa made sure he voted. He later gave me his voter’s card to keep for him and I thought he would definitely ask for it in the next election. This will however not happen because God has called him and I know he is happy where ever he is today.

Immortality is for those who deserve it. Papa, I will give you what you deserve. You will be remembered centuries to come.                                                          Rest in peace Papa.

From your Grand son,                                   Prince Christopher Chukwudalu Adimachukwu


Papa is the one on red cap.

As we say goodbye to 2015

Hello guys. How are you enjoying the harmattan season. It’s actually my best season just that it’s dealing with me at the moment, my nose is seriously blocked.

The year 2015 is rounding up and 2016 is around the corner, so it has got me reflecting on my life this year. At the tail end of 2014 I couldn’t wait to usher in 2015, that year was so stressful for me and I thought “hey, 2015 is going to be year I finally reap the fruit of my labour”.

As we entered 2015 and hours rolled into days and days into months I discovered God had another agenda for me. You simply cannot force God to do something, he does things at his appointed time and God’s time is the best. He first of all prepares you and makes sure you are ready before he does things for you. Waiting is not easy at all, it is painful, patience is a difficult virtue. But God expects us to faithfully wait, worship and serve him while we wait. I am going to describe this year as a year of Grace and Thanksgiving.

I lost my grandfather this year, I wish he is still alive to discuss the harmattan season with me and also celebrate Christmas with us but I am grateful and thankful to God for granting him 87 good years on this earth, for being a part of my life since I was born, after all some people never met their grand father and also being able to stay home this year and spend his last year on earth with him. I thank God for everything he did for my family this year and his grace on my family.

2015 taught me to be patient and humble,  it has been a year of self discovery and I have been able to utilize my hobby of writing. I want to thank you all for reading the little I have been able to put down, by the grace of God am going to write more next year and garner more readers and followers. I pray that next year will finally be the year I start reaping the fruit of my labour, God will grant me my heart desires, he will bless and sustain my family members and friends , am not going to lose any body or cry again, it will be a year of laughter. I also pray that my readers heart desires will be granted them. In Jesus name!!!!! Amen.

I want you to share your experiences this year and your hopes and prayers for 2016 in the comment box. Thanksimg_20151128_072627.jpg

Tribute to my grandfather


I lost my grandfather on 18th August 2015, his funeral took place today 27th November 2015 and would continue today. We would round up on Sunday 29th November with a Thanksgiving service . Below is my tribute to him.


My earliest memories of my grandfather whom I fondly called “Mpa” was as a little child, I would go into his room to sweep and mop, his room then was at our bungalow house which we call “Uno ani”. His friends then were the late Ononenyi Osakwe and late Joseph Nnadi; they are the ones I can really remember.
As I write this I can vividly remember the Late Ononenyi Osakwe standing in front of Uno-ani with Mpa gisting. The late Ononenyi Osakwe was a fat and jolly man; I used to enjoy standing there and watching them gist.
During my primary School days at Good Shepherd Infant & Nursery School, I would sometimes see him passing by through the barbed wire fence at break time and be really happy that I saw him pass. On his way home he would buy a delicious snack which he said the name was “Come again” for I and my siblings.
His cousins were still alive then, the Late Ekemezie Anyadibalu and late Bernard Anyadibalu. My earliest memories of him too were filled with him playing draft with Late Joseph Nnadi at “Ozo Obi Ezetigbuo Adimachukwu”, his cousins the Late Ekemezie Anyadibalu and Late Bernard Anyadibalu with his younger brother Boniface Adimachukwu would watch them play the draft and everyone of them generally gisting.
Mpa was a very active man, he just didn’t like staying at a place and I can remember his stories of how he used to trek from Nnewi to Onitsha in his hay days. When he eventually lost his eye sight in 1999, he wasn’t deterred or pulled back, nothing could stop him from living his life to the fullest, nothing short of chaining him could prevent him from going out to visit his friends and old acquaintances.
Mpa was quite opinionated, you can’t take him away from his beliefs, he loved his father Ezetigbuo Adimachukwu and he would gist me of the love Ezetigbuo also had for him. Ezetigbuo had tall dreams for Mpa, he wanted him to go to school to be very educated and I think one day become a lawyer, but Mpa would hear nothing of that, Mpa believed even till his death that business is the ultimate and business will take any hard working man all over the world. I used to have a lot of disagreement with him on that, I would blame him for not going to school and not also sending my dad to school, I would tell him that if he had gone to school, I have no doubt that he would have been an authority and I still believe it till now.
You see, Mpa was highly intelligent even till his death, very highly articulate and calculative, he would remember things that happened in the 30’s,40’s, 50’s and 60’s and be able to  engage anybody no matter how learned you are  in high powered conversations. You can imagine my shock the day he told me the date his father Ezetigbuo died, he died in 1953 and the date my father was born.
He used to regal us with stories of the civil war; he was caught three times to be recruited into Biafra army but was released because they felt he was too old to join. Only if they knew that he still had more than 45 years to live, I thank God almighty he wasn’t recruited for perhaps I would have been deprived of knowing him. One of the times he was caught, they were made to stand under the sun and checked one after the other.
He also told of General Ibrahim Babangida’s visit to Nnewi in the 90’s, how Prince A.A Nwafor Orizu’s speech was fused with “ism”. Everything he said seemed to have “ism” and according to him he had to ask a university undergraduate standing beside him if he could understand what the man was saying and he said he couldn’t understand anything.
Till his death he was a very strong man and always there, God blessed him with long life that I almost believed he was immortal and I never worried about him dying. He was my superman grandfather. Even when I travel, I always knew I would find him at home whenever I came back. I would pester him for recent happenings in the village, Anambra state and Nigeria.
Mpa was always current and he was my information minister, we would on a daily basis discuss the politics of this country and where the country was headed. We would analyze things left, right and center. The issue of Boko Haram disturbed him a lot, he wanted a better Nigeria. When some Boko Haram members were brought to Ekwulobia prison, he wasn’t happy about that because he felt that they would infiltrate the eastern region and start killing people, he hoped that the terrorists would be wiped out and stopped from killing people in Nigeria.
During the last general election, he really wanted to vote and I took him to vote, he voted for Goodluck Jonathan, he said a southerner should be given a chance to do a second term because the northerners have ruled this country for 38 years. They shouldn’t act like the country belongs to them alone to rule.
In the space of one week before he died, we were discussing the fallen oil price and how the country can divert our economy into another resource God has blessed us with, he told me of how palm oil from South East Nigeria was the main stay of the economy in those days and I told him I know, that Malaysia even took some palm fruit from Nigeria and they were able to develop their country with that, and I mistakenly told him that even cocoa from the north was exported and he specifically corrected me that cocoa was cultivated from South West and cotton from the North, that these three products from the different part of the country were exported and the economy was sustained.
I miss my grandfather terribly, words can’t even describe. God giveth and God taketh.  As Shakespeare said that the world is a stage and we all exit after our roles. Mpa has performed his role and has exited; he accomplished everything a human being could wish for. Foremost is family, long life to see his family grow and ability to live with and being taken care of by family.
I have no doubt that you are in a good place because you were a very good man who put others first before yourself.
When you died I thought of one thing, as you never knew your mother, she died when you were born, you would now have an opportunity to meet her.
Mpa “Jee Nke Oma”, my memories of you is already imprinted in the deepest part of my heart. I shall never forget “Uzoma bia kpachie gate kam puo na Ozo Obi”, “Uzoma kuputerem mmiri kam wuo ahu mua”.
That hilarious story you told me about Obienu will never be forgotten, I shall continue to tell that story for it brightens people’s day.
Your grand daughter
Adimachukwu MaryQueeneth Akuabata.


P. s :I would upload pictures from the funeral later. Please feel free to share, like or reblog .   Thank you

Reality of Youth in Nigeria



“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Life is becoming increasingly difficult for youths in this country. For them to be able to distinguish themselves, they have to be athletes, entertainers and wedding vendors. These are the platforms in which they are currently being heard. A reason  most of our  young graduates are lost is because academic excellence isn’t recognized anymore.

From childhood they are made to work so hard to make good grades, they have such high hopes for the future. Eventually they head to the Universities, a lot of students work hard, study till day break, go to night class and in the end graduate with good grades. Everyone is so happy, family and friends celebrate the graduation. They still maintain the high hopes that the future is indeed bright.

After the National…

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Pancreatic Cancer Day


I didn’t know anything about pancreatic cancer until my friend Rose lost her dad. He was diagnosed on March 2015 and died July 2015.



In her own words “I lost my my dad three months ago to Pancreatic cancer, he was diagnosed with carcinoma of the pancreas that was metastatic in March 2015. We had the first session of chemotherapy in May. He became really weak and his body couldn’t take the drugs,  he was getting thinner by the day. We decided to travel for an option for surgery but the Dr said that the cancer has spread to a lot of organs in his body and said he can only do a palliative chemotherapy if his body can take it. We came back to Nigeria and he was still too weak for chemotherapy and the fear of losing him to chemotherapy was tormenting us everyday. We opted for other ways of fighting cancer, which didn’t work. My dad died on 4th July 2015. As tears roll, I seek peace to stop the pain, I pray for God to grant you peace as in the bosom of the Lord.” Amen



According to the American Cancer Society, Pancreatic Cancer is the number “4” cancer killer in the U.S, and the only one that does not have a known cure. The lack of early detection methods and research continues to slow progress towards a cure.  There is no known cure for this deadly disease and over 42,400 people – 116 + per day are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year.
It’s the deadliest cancer out there and the death rates are still rising, claiming more than 95 percent of those diagnosed in five years.

In the last 5 years more than 210,000 people have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and over 92% of those individuals have passed away during the first year of their diagnosis. While only 5% of those living past the first year live to the fifth year and 3% of those will succumb to the disease sometime beyond that point.

Pancreatic Cancer is one of the few cancers for which survival has not improved substantially over the last 25 years. Those that make it past the first year have been known to live significantly longer today than those diagnosed before 2006. In Africa people die every day from pancreatic cancer without knowing knowing the cause of the death or wrong diagnosis.

“To date, we have no promising treatment for pancreatic cancer. Prevention remains, therefore, the only possibility

The location, type and stage of the tumor can determine the type of symptoms a patient may experience.  Symptoms of pancreatic cancer aren’t very noticeable in the early stages so most patients have advanced disease by the time it becomes noticeable.  Commons symptoms that could lead to a diagnosis are jaundice, stomach and/or back pain, diabetes, unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite, blood clots, fatigue, digestive difficulties and depression.

Who is most susceptible?
People over age 60 are most susceptible to developing pancreatic cancer.  Individuals between 35-45 years of age that consume large amounts of alcohol for many years have also been known for developing the disease.  African Americans and Ashkenazi Jews have higher incidences of pancreatic cancer.  Smoking causes approximately 25% of all cases while other factors such as a family history of pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and people considered clinically obese and the lack of physical activity can increase the risk acquiring the disease.

How can you reduce the risk of acquiring pancreatic cancer?
There are certain lifestyle changes that you can make to minimize the risk of acquiring pancreatic cancer.  The most obvious change would be for individuals most susceptible to the disease to receive medical examinations on a regular basis.  Maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly can also reduce the risk of acquiring the disease.
Early detection is essential for treatment of the cancer, and effective screening increases chances of finding cancerous cells while they are treatable.  There is no standard test for pancreatic cancer so anyone experiencing the symptoms mentioned above should ask the doctor to perform CT scan, MRI or specialized ultrasound checking for the disease.

As November is world pancreatic month awareness, let us spread the word. We could be saving a lot of lives by doing that.

My heart is with those who are currently fighting this disease and I pray that God gives their families the strength to take care of them.

I pray for Rose and her family, that God should comfort them and give them the fortitude to bear the loss.
Rest in perfect peace, Rose’s dad.

Please guys share this anyway you can. Your facebook’s page, Twitter, blogs etc. I need it to reach a wider audience to create this awareness.

Image source : instagram @ronex14

Reality of Youth in Nigeria


“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Life is becoming increasingly difficult for youths in this country. For them to be able to distinguish themselves, they have to be athletes, entertainers and wedding vendors. These are the platforms in which they are currently being heard. A reason  most of our  young graduates are lost is because academic excellence isn’t recognized anymore.

From childhood they are made to work so hard to make good grades, they have such high hopes for the future. Eventually they head to the Universities, a lot of students work hard, study till day break, go to night class and in the end graduate with good grades. Everyone is so happy, family and friends celebrate the graduation. They still maintain the high hopes that the future is indeed bright.

After the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), the real challenge begins.They start applying for jobs(mind you a fresh ex-corper still believes that he/she can pull down heaven, the world is at their feet and people are ready to be their bootlickers because guess what!!! they are graduates).

I sat down one day and really thought about it, in a year there are three batches of corp members. in a batch the amount of people being churned out by our Universities are just too much. When I served we were more than 3000 people in the camp, multiply that with the number of states we have and don’t forget there are three batches in a year. I asked myself which positions are these youths going to occupy when they pass out from NYSC. Majority  of them join the teeming unemployed youths in the country.

When these people recently pass out, they think that there are jobs waiting for them somewhere, by the time they start applying, writing series of aptitude tests and going for interviews at their own expense and nothing happens, the company or firm doesn’t get back to them as promised or if they are lucky enough, they get a very brief email telling them sorry they weren’t accepted because some people did better than them, they become hit with reality. Their confidence begins to plummet, but then at that point they still have some hope, so they make their laptops, smart phones and tabs their best friends and keep applying to every job imaginable, whether it suits their profiles or not. After some time the little self confidence they had left slowly ebbs away, then depression, frustration,fear,stress, discouragement and despair sets in.

Standards are so lowered, they accept and settle for anything that comes their way. Important things like how much they are really worth, room  for improvement and growth are set aside. The thing that will matter the most is the little stipend they are paid to keep body and soul together.

That is one of the reasons you see some people in a particular place for 20 years, some of them just work at a particular plant or a factory doing the same thing for more than 20 years. yes!!! that is the reality. The reason is that they get so little , that they can’t even start a side business or become independent with that amount of money. When they settle down and start expanding their families,it becomes really difficult for them to leave their comfort zone by looking for another opportunity, so they remain at that place because they don’t want to take any risk. They are plagued with questions of fear of the unknown. the real question is,are they really taking good care of themselves or their families by remaining in that one place?

This is what our country has become, a place that do not encourage or empower the youths. A place where a youth who is perceived to become great one day is pulled back.

I know of a company that recruited mostly Ordinary National Diploma (OND) holders, the excuse was that they needed people they can pay, i call it looking for cheap labour. They lure these able bodied men and women, because of the money they will earn(which they will later find out in the long run is a mere stipend), pushes their education aside, they don’t go further to obtain their Higher National Diploma (HND) or even Bachelor’s degree. They become tied down in that job, at the end of the day, time is passing by. They wake up one day and realize that age is no longer an advantage  and they need to settle down, so they say to themselves jeez!!, there is no need furthering  my education, I promise to give my children the best education to make up for what I have lost. The truth is that humans only have one life to live, live it the best way you can, your kids will eventually grow up and  make their own decisions (with the foundations you laid of course). But the thing is have you lived a fulfilled life?

The government needs to urgently look into this worrisome unemployment dilemma and find a way to encourage academic excellence. Companies should find a way to scout for students who did excellently and offer them jobs, this would make such students role models for their peers and that will also make them know that hard work can be recognized and it pays off.

Go to social media platforms, a lot of noise is made about actors, actresses, athletes, wedding vendors and musicians . For the record, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but imagine what will happen if such noise is made about those who have achieved academic successes, say the best young mathematician, novelist, a young doctor who broke a record in the medical community, a young outstanding lawyer who won a high profile case, a young engineer who came up with an amazing invention, a young person who is serving and contributing to the welfare of his or her community in one way or the other. There are outstanding young people who are doing well and should be awarded, which can motivate the up and coming. Something that is going to make them believe that going to school isn’t a waste of time,that it is highly rewarding.

The youths need a form of motivation , jobs should be created, companies should give the youths opportunities to prove themselves. The government has an enormous task ahead, we can’t keep importing technical hands to handle most of our high tech jobs or rather giving expatriates jobs that should be handled by local experts. Countries like China, India, Japan and Korea are not joking with their science and technology. They are training their youths massively and giving them the opportunity to discover themselves. In years to come I won’t be surprised if one of them becomes number one in the world. We have to look inwards and that entails bridging the gap by not abandoning the youths because they are the future.